REHOVOT, Israel, July 11, 2019

Get SAT Introduces Nano SAT-H: A Very Small and Lightweight KA-Band SATCOM Terminal for Military On-the-Move Applications


Get SAT, an innovator in small, lightweight satellite communication terminals for airborne, ground, and maritime applications, introduced today its Nano SAT-H: a very small and lightweight KA-band satcom terminal with an integrated BUC. The new satcom terminal meets the requirments of military, defense and security markets that are in need of full broadband communications – voice, video and data – in a minimum sized package to empower decision making on the constantly changing battlefield.

Nano SAT-H, the result of Get SAT's development of micronized technologies, is an ultra-portable lightweight, low-profile terminal optimized 'on-the-move' solution. Replacing a truck load of equipment, the terminal, weighing only 3.6 kg. including an integrated BUC, LNB and ACU, provides autonomous operation for transmission and reception of high bandwidth data-rates with any LBand satellite modem.

Nano SAT-H will be highlighted at Get SAT's booth (#S9-110) at the DSEI Conference in London, 10-13, September 2019.

Kfir Benjamin, CEO of Get SAT stated, "Get SAT opens a new era of real-time video, audio and information flow by providing direct high bandwidth communications between ground or aerial forces and headquarters. The initial markets for the terminal are on the battlefield via a highly portable 'man-pack' and in the satcom system of small UAVs. Our experience in the military and security fields enables us to work closely with clients to create secure, rugged solutions that meet their distinct needs for seamless on-the-move communications."

About Get SAT:
A privately held company located in Rehovot, Israel, Get SAT Communications provides portable and extremely efficient antenna and terminals that offer high-data-rate communications for ground, air, and maritime applications. Get SAT provides services for government and military use, enterprises, first responders, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and humanitarian groups. For more information, visit

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