RA'ANANA, Israel, Nov. 24, 2020

Inovytec and Israel Defense Forces Partner to Advance Military Ventilator Capabilities

Inovytec's Ventway Sparrow Increases Mobility while Maintaining High-Performance Ventilation, Making it Ideal for Soldiers in the Field


Inovytec, a developer of cutting-edge, first-line respiratory and cardiac medical solutions, announced today that the Ventway Sparrow (Ventway) MIL Standard model, a lightweight tactical ventilator, has been deployed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for use in far forward combat environments. The Ventway was selected because its design offers improved mobility and robustness, while maintaining high performance ventilation.

A preliminary evaluation of the Ventway in field situations was the focus of presentations at the annual International Conference on Emergency, Disaster and Military Medicine (DiMiMED) on November 16 and at Defense Tech Connect on November 17-19.

IDF Medical Corps Lieutenant Colonel Raphael Gerasi presented the collaboration at DiMiMED and noted the challenge of designing a ventilator that meets the medical, logistical, and environmental requirements unique to field conditions. He mentioned that by shrinking the size of traditional ventilator components while maintaining quality, the Ventway represented the balance of portability, automation and toughness required to improve the standard of care in combat medicine.

Inovytec achieved the reduction of the parameters common in combat ventilators utilizing an ultra-miniature manifold to house all electro-mechanical components, a miniaturized turbine that employs an efficient cooling system by diverting air to the cooling fins, and an externally located PEEP valve. The Ventway military model, which weighs only 1.3 kg, was also made night vision compatible and operational at altitudes of up to 25,000 feet to meet military needs. Furthermore, the design significantly reduces maintenance costs and procedures that are traditionally required for most ventilators.

"The most prominent electrical ventilators used in military environments are large, heavy or limited in ventilation capability. The development of a tactical ventilator was a top priority for our company and the collaboration with the IDF Medical Corps enabled the Ventway to meet existing field-combat medical needs," said Udi Kantor, co-founder and CEO of Inovytec. "The Ventway Sparrow was developed in conjunction with combat medics and engineers to assure high level treatment under the harshest conditions. It allows for hospital level care in the field and will help save lives."

About Inovytec
Inovytec's products address the critical moments of care, from the first minutes after a medical event to patient transfers and stabilization in hospitals. Sali creates a virtual hospital environment in the field and allows citizens to act as first responders during emergencies. Ventway is a family of a portable, robust, high-performance ventilators for in-hospital transport, military medics, emergency preparedness  and homecare environments. LUBO™ can open the upper airway during non-invasive ventilation, CPR and first line trauma. Each product's goal is to strengthen the healthcare continuum by extending hospital level capabilities and improving outcomes in both routine and emergency medical events. The company was founded in 2011.

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