RALEIGH, N.C., Aug. 3, 2021

Secmation Receives $1.5M SBIR Phase II Award for Anneal Cybersecurity


Secmation, a leading small business in the fields of Cybersecurity Research and Development and Product Development, received a $1.5M Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award in December 2020. The SBIR was awarded for the purpose of developing the Anneal, an advanced cybersecurity solution for embedded systems. Anneal will bridge the disciplines of cybersecurity, critical program information protection, and real-time systems to enable a new generation of highly secure embedded systems for DoD cyber-physical applications such as unmanned systems.

The goal of the Phase II SBIR is to design, develop, implement, test, and demonstrate an innovative cybersecurity solution incorporating a real-time embedded hypervisor with other hardware protections. The Anneal design philosophy provides a solution to protect critical information while providing a flexible, virtualized software environment. The project team will be led by Secmation's CEO Dr. Hal Aldridge.

"As cybersecurity evolves, there is a need to bring important security technologies together in new ways to address evolving threats," said Dr. Aldridge. "Anneal provides high assurance protections for the next generation of Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWAP-C) DoD systems."

Secmation is a small business located in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park area. Secmation's mission is to develop cybersecurity technologies and products for automated systems in Defense and Critical Infrastructure applications.

Find out more about Secmation at our website: www.Secmation.com
Find out more about the award here: https://www.sbir.gov/node/1921087

Hal Aldridge, CEO

SOURCE Secmation

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