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Armor Express Expands into the International Body Armor Market with Strategic Distribution Partner Network and Advanced Solutions Certified to NIJ .06 And German SK1 Standards

Central Lake Armor Express, Inc. ("Armor Express"), a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor solutions, announced today updates regarding the Company's international market expansion. The announcement comes as the Company looks to better service the growing needs of law enforcement, government, military, and private security customers on a global basis.

Armor Express already has a strong presence internationally with friendly nations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and continues to build its distribution and technology partnerships to bring its full assortment of innovative body armor equipment to officers worldwide. The Company's past success has been driven especially by a diverse range of customized concealable and tactical carriers, and NIJ-0101.06 certified ballistic armor, along with a line of hard armor plates and related accessories. It is currently working on developing new systems for international customers based on NIJ .06 standards as well as requirements for select European markets, including most recently the German SK1 TR03/2008. Supported by its well-established network of 11 distributors across Europe, the Company expects to bring additional products to market throughout 2017.

"Today's announcement represents a significant step forward in Armor Express' global presence in key sectors with an increasing demand for innovative body armor solutions that are tested to meet or exceed special threat specifications," stated Scott Wyatt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Armor Express. "With our ongoing investment in developing the highest-performing, most flexible and comfortable ballistic armor, carriers and accessory products, we see tremendous potential to drive adoption in major international markets such as Europe and beyond. This is reinforced by our proven distributor channel and a highly experienced and dedicated sales team. I am confident that with our expanded reach and greater service touch-points, more officers and military personnel will benefit from Armor Express' advanced capabilities."

To better serve its customers in Germany, Armor Express successfully completed the German SK1 certification process for its Razor Gen 2, NIJ .06 Level II ballistic armor. German law enforcement agencies may only purchase officially certified body armor. While the NIJ. 06 and SK1 standards for bullet-resistant armor have some similarities, they also have marked differences, particularly in the testing conditions – this includes the types of projectiles used for the SK1 such as the Action 4, QD-PEP and DM41 SR expanding rounds (all from the 9-mm family). The SK1 standard also includes zero-meter distance contact shots which are not part of the NIJ standard, though FBI body armor test protocols also include contact shots.

As Armor Express' lightest and thinnest body armor system ever, providing ground-breaking stopping power, the Razor Gen 2 easily passed the SK1's rigorous testing protocol. Built to meet the most strenuous requirements, the Razor showed a total average back face deformation (BFD) of 23.4mm, with the highest BFD being 32mm on the hot temperature test (70°C) and contact shot for the DM41. The German SK1 (and FBI) protocol includes extremes of heat and cold, so armor samples are shot at 70 °C (158 °F) and -20 °C (-4 °F). Trauma impact values are measured in clay backing behind the panel after being exposed to actual live fire on a test range.

Overall, the Razor was recognized for its exceptional temperature extreme and contact shot performance. The ballistic package showed an impressive V50 of 524 m/s or 1719 ft/s.

The SK1 certification of the Razor's proprietary blend of cutting-edge Twaron® aramid and Dyneema® fabric, extremely thin construction, and reinforced stopping power is testament to the vest's superior performance and comfort benefits – all available in a single package.

In addition to the Razor Gen 2, Armor Express' newly redesigned Overt Carrier System (OCS) and Tactical Operations Response Carrier (TORC) are being utilized by various international customers. The OCS converts into an external load bearing vest, ensuring officers and first responders have the proper armor levels, coverage, and load options for any ballistic threat situation. In addition, the TORC plate carrier system offers outstanding coverage, ergonomic fit, scalable components, and low profile structure, giving patrol, task forces and tactical teams exceptional armor flexibility based on their needs.

Patrol, task forces and tactical teams will all benefit from the armor scalability based on the need of the officerPatrol, task forces and tactical teams will all benefit from the armor scalability based on the need of the officerPatrol, task forces and tactical teams will all benefit from the armor scalability based on the need of the officer

As global agencies seek to advance their capabilities, Armor Express has directed its resources to support market expansion initiatives, including making strategic hires. The Company recently appointed Mr. Clint Bennett as International Sales Manager, responsible for expanding international operations and working with its various distribution partners around the world. Mr. Bennett brings 15 years of experience in the body armor industry to Armor Express, previously serving in a number of senior management roles at Diamondback Tactical, Point Blank Enterprises, India's MKU Pvt. Ltd, Armor Designs, and Southwest Technologies Tactical.

"I'm very excited to be a part of the Armor Express team as the Company enters this next phase of its international growth," stated Mr. Bennett. "Building on our key relationships with distribution and technology partners around the world will enable us to bring our full assortment to the marketplace. I've worked closely with body armor makers, composite companies, nylon manufacturers and distributors for almost two decades, and this has given me a keen understanding of global customer requirements. I look forward to working with the team as we create differentiated opportunities to expand Armor Express' reach."

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