ATLANTA, July 21, 2015

DataPath to Provide WGS SATCOM Terminals to the Danish Ministry of Defense

FMS Contract Facilitated by U.S. Air Force

DataPath, Inc. a leading provider of remote field communications and information technology solutions to the aerospace, government, broadcast, and infrastructure markets announced today the company has been awarded a foreign military sales (FMS) contract worth nearly $6.5 million to supply WGS Satellite Communications (SATCOM) terminals with additional equipment and training to the Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO). The contract was facilitated by the U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center.

Through this contract, DataPath will deliver around 30 DataPath CommuniCase® Technology 1.2 M (CCT 120) portable satellite terminals to the Danish Air Force and Army. The hardware deliveries, to be completed this year, will immediately enable Denmark to maximize its investment in the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) constellation.

DataPath has been providing SATCOM solutions to the Danish Defense Forces since the 1990s, originally as SWE-DISH®. This new contract will enable the Danish Defense Forces to upgrade and enhance its SATCOM capabilities with DataPath's current WGS certified CCT product line. DataPath's CCT satellite terminals will also help Denmark leverage its WGS bandwidth, giving them more throughput for their mobile forces, global coverage, and increased wideband capacity. Additionally, the WGS constellation affords its participants operational flexibility that is important to the Danish military, including the ability to connect to allied terminals for interoperability when the mission requires it.

DataPath's CCT terminals feature a flexible modular architecture that utilizes interchangeable modules such as modems, transceivers and controllers, which enables individual terminals to offer multiple configurations. The benefits of this modularity include reduction in the number of terminals purchased, cost of parts, and future upgrades and enhancements. Also, ease of use is integral to the CCT's design, which allows operators with very little training to quickly get connected and communicating.

"Denmark is just one example of the many countries around the world that have begun to reinvest in their tactical communications capabilities, especially those countries that are participating in the WGS program," said David Myers, President and CEO of DataPath. "In order to prepare for the increasing demand, DataPath has made a significant effort to ensure our quality across all product lines. We recently began to in-source the manufacturing of our portable satellite terminals as well as standardize our quality management procedures. These changes in our operations will help us to support our clients around the world as they prepare to strengthen their SATCOM capabilities."

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