OULU, Finland, April 9, 2013

Elektrobit (EB) Delivers Tactical Communication System for the Finnish Defence Forces

Elektrobit (EB) has signed a contract with the Finnish Defence Forces for deliveries of the EB Tactical Wireless IP Network communication system. The product delivery contains tactical routers and radio head units for the land force's communication needs. This contract is a continuation to the EB's Tactical Wireless IP Network development and pilot delivery contract signed in September 2011. The value of the purchase is EUR 7.0 million (excl. VAT). The deliveries are to be finalized by the end of March 2014. This agreement has no impact on EB's guidance for 2013 that was published in the Financial Statement Bulletin 2012 on February 19, 2013.

The EB Tactical Wireless IP Network is a stand-alone military and authority wireless broadband network with excellent performance that is designed for harsh environmental conditions. The system significantly improves tactical data throughput allowing even better situational awareness information and enables the creation of a powerful communication network in the battlefield. EB Tactical Wireless IP Network forms an independent IP (internet protocol) broadband network that is compatible with the existing wired and wireless infrastructures.

"Land forces new tactical communication network has been created to support the renewed way of fight, which aims for a more flexible operational model in the battlefield" says major engineer Jari Viuho, land forces material department. "We are now moving from piloting into implementation phase of the system. The EB Tactical Wireless IP Network has been in intensive performance and field testing for the least year".

"The serial delivery contract shows that this system, which has been created together with the Finnish Defence Forces, responds to the strict requirements set. The intensive collaboration has refined the product qualities and accelerated the development work and field testing. The EB Tactical Wireless IP Network has raised interest internationally with its performance and flexibility," says product managerReima Kettunen, EB.

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