Radiall Introduces a New HDQX Connector Solution for High-Speed Data Transmission

CHANDLER, Ariz, Nov. 15, 2010

Radiall USA, Inc. expands its connector product offering with the new HDQX series for high-speed Ethernet and RF data transmission.  The HDQX connector combines a compact size with the ruggedness needed for high reliability and signal integrity in harsh aerospace and military environments.  Offering twelve size 8 cavities in a high-density rectangular shell, the space-saving HDQX accepts ARINC 600 Quadrax and size 8 BMA contacts, as well as twinax and triaxial contacts.

Typical applications for the HDQX connectors include data networks, in-flight entertainment systems, video control centers, and naval and military vehicle communications.  The robust design of the HDQX connector enables high-speed, high-density applications.  For example, six 1000Base-T gigabit links are possible with the HDQX by using two parallel Quadrax contacts.  In addition, the HDQX can utilize BMA contacts in RF connections at frequencies up to 18 GHz.

The HDQX series also has several other beneficial features such as a center locking device for reliable mating and easy connection, lightweight composite strain relief and the contacts are grounded to the shell for extremely low electrical resistance.  With the HDQX, environmental sealing is available with an interfacial sealing on the shell as well as sealing boots on the contacts.

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