NATO'S NAMSA Launches a Savi Technology Routing Hub for NATO Coalition Forces to Share Logistics Information More Efficiently

Routing Hub Will Provide Unprecedented Visibility of RFID-tracked Consignments Moving Through National and Multinational Supply Chains

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 13 2010

Savi Technology, a Lockheed Martin Company (NYSE:LMT) , today announced that the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) has launched a network exchange hub that allows NATO and coalition forces to share information on supply shipments more efficiently and effectively. The Routing Hub will foster greater multinational collaboration by facilitating the exchange of information using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-tracked consignments moving through military supply chains.

Deployed at the NAMSA headquarters in Luxembourg, the Routing Hub transmits data from Savi's interoperable RFID-based logistics network, which automatically locates, tracks and manages in-transit NATO material. Nations connected to the Routing Hub at NAMSA can directly transmit logistics data to other users, providing enhanced levels of real-time asset visibility.

The Danish Armed Forces realized that the sharing of RFID data would require users to establish new nation-to-nation connections through which the data could be routed. Because such a system would have been costly and time consuming, Denmark requested NAMSA to establish a routing capability. The Routing Hub utilizes NAMSA's existing NATO mailbox server system, a similar routing service for logistics processes, which allows nations to utilize the Routing Hub at NAMSA to link RFID data quickly and easily. The Routing Hub has now established seamless interoperability among NATO and Partnership for Peace (PfP) partners.

The Routing Hub was delivered under a contract signed between Savi and NAMSA. The contract makes it easier for NATO and Partnership for Peace nations to place orders for Savi Technology's networked solutions through the NAMSA procurement process.

"This Routing Hub is purely a routing tool whose true value lies in its ability to make international connection much easier," said John McFadyen, Savi Technology's General Manager of International Business. "By deploying this solution, Savi, NAMSA and the Participating Nations are improving the efficiency and performance of a network that delivers critical supplies from the factory to the foxhole when and where they're needed."

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