BRIGHTON, Colo., Jan. 30, 2012

SmartRounds Technology Introduces Less-Lethal Smart Bullets

SmartRounds Technology, LLC, "SRT" of Brighton, Colorado, announced today their new SmartRounds™ smart bullets. "We have been working the past three years on our less-lethal arms and have finally arrived at several effective rounds along with a reliable delivery system. The 18 mm, .680 caliber, d-shaped, rifled rounds are fired from gas-powered launchers at upwards of 450 feet per second and have an effective range of 100 yards," states SRT president Nick Verini.

The patent-pending SmartRounds™ are less-lethal, intelligent projectiles designed to offer an alternative to firearms, but with sufficient stopping power to disarm an assailant. They will be available in a number of less-lethal versions including MMS based rounds. The active MMS (micro- mechanical system) controlled version senses when the round is fired and when it hits its target. It then activates the payload in a micro-second, reducing the chances of penetration.

One special SRT projectile called ShockRounds™ contains a liquefied compressed gas and activates a high-powered "shock wave" that expands rapidly upon impact and attacks three of the five human senses, disabling the assailant. These projectiles are fired from pneumatic rifle launchers, which are modeled after the Colt Industries M4 carbine. Other launchers are modeled after a popular, semi-automatic handgun, ideal for close quarters combat.

"These pneumatic launchers are rugged, ergonomically designed, and powered by compressed gas. Training rounds are available for military, law enforcement, security firms and corrections for force-on-force training, combat training, and firearm safety. These rounds are available immediately, and are also fired from our approved launchers," adds Mr. Verini.

While the less-lethal versions of SmartRounds™ do not have the deadly stopping power of high-velocity bullets fired from a firearm, such deadly force is generally not necessary to deter many typical crimes. Moreover, there are many situations where deadly force is either not needed or wanted.

A decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, where it can be nearly impossible for troops to distinguish between enemy combatants and the local population, has highlighted calls for more less-lethal weapons. Troops could use these tools to temporarily incapacitate adversaries without harming nearby civilians. These weapons will become even more important to a military that has taken on roles away from battlefields, providing humanitarian assistance or support to civilian agencies, as well as conducting emergency evacuations, crowd control and other peacekeeping missions.

SRT anticipates a strong global demand by the military, law enforcement, border security and corrections for the SRT less-lethal SmartRounds™. The rounds were designed and will be manufactured in the USA in mid-2012, creating much-needed jobs in Colorado.

For more information visit or call Nick Verini at SRT at 303-498-0829.

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